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Infiniti G20 and DTC P0105

  Thank a lot all iATN members who took the time to offer help.

  But 06/29.04 I don't know where  is Absolute Pressure Sensor on this Car...


  I don't know why my Scanner read from Car Part No. ECM - 23710-7J410, but Electronic Part Catalog (CDs for Infiniti) corresponds to Part. No. 23710-6J115.
  I'm not sure and will do some research, but about Vehicle is "drowned man"
(was water damaged).  I think that there was change ECM (it is like new)

SR20 (DE) on Inginiti G20 (96143 bytes)

ECM G20 a '01 (long file - 231664 bytes)

5001.jpg (74230 bytes)

ECM G20 a '01 (long file - 102135 bytes)

EVAP System Pressure Sensor (photo)  EVAP System Pressure Sensor