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For the english Visitors
(I'm sorry about my "English")


OEM Intelligent Tester II Toyota / Lexus by DENSO

My OBD-II Scan Tools

Diagnostic specific Wide Range Oxygen Sensor aka Air / Fuel Ratio Sensor Toyota

MAF Sensor and DTC P0171

Idle Air Control Valve Toyota

The DLC location of new MY

Honda Year Model Service Connector Location

Reading DTC A/T & SRS Toyota

 Repair the Avalon Instrument Panel

The magnetized  Pulley on Nissan and DTC P0340

The Concept Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

Variable Valve Timing - intelligent

ECU controlled systems used in LEXUS GX470 2006 MY

Usual Oxygen Sensors

New Planar Air / Fuel Ratio (Oxygen) Sensors (Photos)

Repair Subaru Legacy RHD a '01

Repair Mercedes Benz Japan CO., LTD

Bad Experience by AE ScanTool-1

Nissan OBD Scan Tech


Bad Experience by AE ScanTool-2

Wide Range Air Fuel Ratio Sensors vs. Scan Tool

The Troubleshooting by using Vf1-voltage

Repair the Instrument Panel RHD Avalon

Waveforms CKP (POS) vs. CMP (Phase) Sensors at DTC P0335  on QG- Engines (Ru)

Two Cents about MRE Sensors

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