O2 Sensor Voltage of 1999 Honda CR-V (LHD)

Engine: B20Z1 / 2.0 L / 4 cyl / DOHC
Fuel: Fuel Injection,
Trans: M/T, Mileage: 46 214 km,
Emissions: OBD-II Compliant (EOBD- ?) VIN: JHLRD174OXC210401
Symptoms: MIL Lamp on,
Occurs: Always (Idle or drive) after 3 min if Engine On
Quote from Mitchell On-Demand: "...Connect Honda PGM Tester or OBD-II scan tool to 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC). On CR-V DLC is located behind right side of center console..." I don't find OBD-II connector on this car...
IMHO: this car no had OBDII- Data Link Connector.


For read codes (by using MIL), I short 2-pin service check connector, turn ignition switch to ON. DTC must be indicated by a series of long and short flashes on MIL.

But MIL flashes permanently (once every three sec).

After erase DTC's I read again - no MIL flash. If Engine is ON - after 3 min MIL lamp also ON...

Courtesy iATN technicians I know MIL-code "1" is too most ("equivalent") SAE-codes p0131 ("Primary HO2S-1 Low Voltage").

My Report:

O2S-output voltage at Idle O2S-output voltage at Idle Acceleration and Deceleration O2S-output voltage at 2.500 rpm

Note: On all Screen Images Range: for t3 – 5 ms/div; k4 – 0.5 V/div;W2 - 1200rpm/div.

O2S output voltage during is disconnected and pinched vacuum to regulator

1. I check* HO2S output voltage at idle, acceleration and deceleration and with 2.500 rpm (See Images). Oxygen Sensor is O'k.

2. Fuel pressure at Idle: 240 kPa (with vacuum); 290 kPa (if disconnected and pinched vacuum to regulator). Pressure at Fuel Pump >5 Mpa. Fuel pressure in Fuel Rail is O'k.

3. I check O2S output voltage during is disconnected and pinched vacuum to regulator (area "B" in this Image). Voltage is more 0.9 volt!

4. Then I did checkup Exhaust system and has seen the bad fastening... (photo). Exhaust system had leak!

The car was in failure and mechanics have not paid attention to deformation of a fragment (part) of a exhaust system (collector).

After "repair" (reconstruction to hermeticities) I erase codes and "All is O'k" - no codes (after Drive) and car is like new again.

Exhaust system had leak! (41,9 KB)

Thanks a lot for help to iATN Support and personally Lawrence from New York, Louis from California (Central), Barry from Massachusetts, Rudy from California (Southern), Lee from California (Southern), Pavel from Washington, Peter from Texas, and hondadude.

Sorry about my English, Good luck, Vladimir P. Leshchenko

* Note: For Obtaining the Data from fuel injection system I use this "device" (Russian).

Honda CR-V
Locating 2-Pin Service Check Connector
Locating MES (2-Pin) Connector
Honda CR-V
For erase DTC Air Bag System I use this MES connector.

On a 1994 Honda Prelude I read code "12" (by flashing "S" Lampe) - "EGR Valve Lift Sensor is malfunction".

Valve, wire, output voltage (with the engine at idle were O'k. But if I check vacuum in hose from EGR Valve (with vacuum gauge) this hose had no vacuum. #16 hose had leak...

Locating 2-Pin Service Check Connector on RHD Prelude

Diagnostic a 2000 Honda Civic (MIL lamp ON, ABS lamp ON).