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LEXUS GX470 2006 MY Vehicles During PreľDelivery Service

There are many ECU controlled systems used in LEXUS GX470 2006 MY.

1. SFI System (2UZ-FE)Multi-display
2. Electronic Modulated Suspension & Rear Air Suspension System
3. Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)
4. Tire Pressure Warning System
5. ABS with EBD & BA & TRAC & VSC System
6. Electronic Controlled Automatic Transmission (ECT)
7. Power Tilt and Power Telescopic Steering Column
8. Air Conditioning System
9. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
10. Lighting System
11. Wiper and Washer System
12. Audio System
13. LEXUS Navigation System
14. Rear Seat Audio System

15. Rear Seat Entertainment System
16. Back Monitor System
17. Combination Meter
18. Power Window Control System
19. Power Mirror Control System (w/ memory)

20. Front Power Seat Control System (w/ memory)

21. Power Door Lock Control System

22. Wireless Door Lock Control System

23. Key Reminder Warning System
24. Engine Immobilizer System
25. Theft Deterrent System
26. Multiplex Communication System
27. Can Communication System
28. Cruise Control System

Combination Meter 

Rear Seat Entertainment System (Television Display Assy) 

4752.jpg (107960 bytes)

2400 pages for Description of Diagnostic Manual

The Systems can be tested by using OBD-II (Generic and PC-based) Scan Tools or Hand-Held Tester or my Toyota/Lexus Intelligent Tester II.

Note. By many Systems is avaible reading "flash-codes" by flashing Warning Lamps.


I had diagnostic GX470 V8 UXJ120L-GKAZKA a 2005 (Check Engine Lampe ON).

"2005 LEXUS GX470 REPAIR MANUAL RM1164U" (p.225) "said": "...5. DLC3 (Data Link Connector 3). The vehicle's ECM uses the ISO 15765-4 communication protocol. The terminal arrangement of the DLC3 complies with SAE J1962 and matches the ISO 15765-4 format...".

  My CJII had search "ISO 14230 5 Baud", but don't connecting to Read DTC, Data Stream, etc. ;-( 


 Read "Flash-code" by using Malfunction Lamps by self made Break Box after short pins Tc&CG of J1962 Data Link Connector, e.g. Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System on Lexus GX470 a '07

Vehicle Information

Data Meter on GX470 a 2005

I must select CAN instead of KWP2000 on AE Scan Tool.

After select CAN instead of  KWP2000 and Turn Fast Mode off  - "ALL is O'K!

By using Lexus Itelligent Tester II (complying with SAE J1978) and Repair Manual RM1164U I know thah it Car have Performance Pressure Control Solenoid "D" - Shift Solenoid VALVE SLT (P2714).

 The linear solenoid valve (SLT) controls the transmission line pressure for smooth transmission operation based on signals from the throttle position sensor and the vehicle speed sensor. The ECM adjusts the duty cycle of the SLT solenoid valve to control hydraulic line pressure coming from the primary regulator valve. Appropriate line pressure assures smooth shifting with varying engine outputs.

 DTC Detection Condition: ECM detects a malfunction on SLT (ON side) according to the revolution difference of the turbine and the output shaft, and also by the oil pressure. (2-trip detection logic). 

 Trouble Area: Shift solenoid valve SLT remains open or closed; Valve body is blocked; Automatic transmission (clutch, brake or gear, etc.). Typical Malfunction Thresholds: Summation of C1 clutch heat generations = R (Turbine speed - Output speed x Temporary ratio). INSPECT SHIFT SOLENOID VALVE(SLT): 5.0 to 5.6 Ohm

I do check it Out, but the Valve and Connector was O'k (as spec.).

The Problem was solved by using repair Manual (p. "FLUID LEVEL CHECK") and after fill A/T Fluid (3.0 L - !) with "FLUID TEMPERATURE CHECK without hand-held tester).

Note. On this Car Transmission requires Toyota Genuine ATF WS.