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The Magnetic Resistance Element (MRE) type Sensor

Active type speed sensors that can detect the tire rotational direction, forward and backward, movement of the wheel have been adopted e.g. on the 2003 LEXUS GX470. This sensor contains a sensor IC, which consists of two MRE (Magnetic Resistance Element).


Магниторезистивный датчик скорости вращения
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Осциллограмма индуктивного датчика
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Scope meter


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Микролекция о эффекте Холла в автомобилях


Detection Principle

• The magnetic rotor consists of a rubber matrix embedded with magnetic particles, with N/S poles (48 N and S poles each) arranged uniformly in the circumferential direction.

• The rotational movement of the magnetic rotor causes the magnetic field to change. The active sensor detects the changes and outputs them in the form of wheel speed pulses.

• In contrast to the widely used passive sensors, this sensor is able to detect vehicle speeds starting from approximately 0 km/h. In addition, because it can detect the rotational direction of the rotor, it enables the system to differentiate between the forward and reverse movement of the vehicle.

Magnetic Resistance Element (MRE) type VVT Sensors are used e.g. Toyota FJ CRUISER 1GR-FE Engine.

Crankshaft and Camshaft Position Sensors 2010 Model CAMRY 2AR-FE 

• The pick-up coil type crankshaft position sensor is used. The timing rotor of the crankshaft consists of 34 teeth, with 2 teeth missing. The crankshaft position sensor outputs the crankshaft rotation signals every 10°, and the missing teeth are used to determine the top dead center.

• The Magneto Resistance Element (MRE) type intake and exhaust camshaft position sensors are used. To detect the camshaft position, each timing rotor on the intake and exhaust camshafts is used to generate 3 (3 high output, 3 low output) pulses for every 2 revolutions of the crankshaft.


Check MRE Sensors on p.12-19 of "Презентация Вебинара о различных датчиках положения".


The Systems and the Data (PIDS) and Wheel Speed Sensors Records (Toyota Corolla ZRE151