Yaris * (Latin America & the Caribbeans, Europe, Middle East & South West Asia), известен также как Vitz (Kamigo Plant, Japan) и Echo (Africa, Asia, Oceania) выпускатся с 1999 года.
Комплектуется двигателем 2NZ-FE DOHC+VVT-i (NZ series, inline 4, chain, BHP:88@6000, Torque:89@4400, CR:10.5:1, DIS.
Известны варианты с двигателями: 1.0 VVT-i 65 hp (2001-), 1.0 (1999-2000), 1.3 16v VVT-i 87 hp (2001-), Versio 1.3 (2001-), 1.4 D-4D 75 hp, 1.5 VVT-i 105 hp (T Sport) и др..

Например, RHD VITZ Toyota могут использоваться такие
1.3 U 1.3 BEAMS 2SZ-FE VVT-i, 2WD, CVT, 10・15: 23.0-25.5km/L
1.0 F 1.0 BEAMS 1SZ-FE VVT-i, 2WD, 10・15: 19.6-21.5km/L
1.3 RS 1.3 BEAMS 2NZ-FE VVT-i, 2WD, 10・15: 18.0-20.5km/L
1.5 RS 1.5 BEAMS 1NZ-FE VVT-i, 2WD, 10・15: 15.2-km/L

Fuel Trim DTC(s)

DTC P0171 (MIL code 25) System too Lean. When the air fuel ratio feedback is stable after the engine is at operating temperature and the fuel trim has reached its limit of correction to the rich side. (2 trip logic).

DTC P0172 (MIL code 25) System too Rich. When the air fuel ratio feedback is stable after the engine is at operating temperature and the fuel trim has reached its limit of correction to the lean side. (2 trip logic).

Feedback from the O 2 sensor influences short-term fuel trim and short-term fuel trim influences long trim fuel trim. Short-term values are temporary and not stored when the ignition key is turned off

Long-term values are stored in memory because they are part of the basic injection duration. Long term values affect injection duration in closed and open loop because they are used to calculate basic injection duration. It is important to remember that the actual fuel trim will be the opposite of the DTC. A system too lean, DTC P0171 will mean the ECM is making a + or rich correction.

A fuel system monitor DTC does not mean the fuel system itself is at fault, but that there is a condition that is driving the fuel trim out of range. For example, excessively high fuel system pressure could cause the fuel trim to decrease beyond the parameter stored in the ECM. A misfiring cylinder may cause the fuel trim to go rich.

DTC P0171 is set when fuel trim is driven rich beyond a certain value. Possible causes are:
1. Exhaust system leak.
2. Improper fuel pressure.
3. Fuel injector restricted.
4. Defective heated oxygen sensor No. 1.
5. Defective Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF) sensor.
6. Defective Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor.

Diagnosis and Repair

1) Inspect all air induction components and check vacuum leak. Repair as necessary. If air induction components are okay, connect scan tool. Start engine and warm to normal operating temperature. Monitor heated oxygen sensor output voltage, Long FT and Short FT at Idle and increased RPM.

2) If scan tester indicates a lean condition (.55 volt or less, +20 trim) or rich condition (.4 volt or more, -20 trim), go to next step. If results are other than shown, see DTC for Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit.

3) Inspect fuel pressure. Repair as necessary. If fuel pressure is okay, inspect fuel injectors. Replace injectors as necessary.

4) If all injectors are okay, inspect MAF sensor or MAP and Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor and PIDs for above Sensors. Replace as necessary. If both components are okay, inspect ignition system. Repair as necessary. If ignition system is okay, replace ECM and retest.

Take a look

Description for diagnostic and repair Vehicles with DTC P0171 with many Graphs, Screen Shots, and photos (Статья о проверке "расходомеров")

MAFSensor (Hot Wire Type) on Toyota Engines (NZ-FE, 1MZ-FE, 1JZ-GTE,  etc.) MAFSensor (Hot Wire Type) on Toyota Engines (NZ-FE, 1MZ-FE, 1JZ-GTE,  etc.)

Проверка MAF Toyota осциллографом и сканером

"Внутренности" MAF Toyota

"Внутренности" MAF Nissan

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor converts the volume of air drawn into the engine into a voltage signal. The ECM uses this signal to calculate engine load. Engine load determines how much fuel to inject, when to ignite the air/fuel mixture, and when to shift the transmission.

The MAF sensor is located directly in the intake air stream, between the air cleaner and throttle body.

Проверка ДМРВ (MAF Checking at KOEO) Toyota (данные MAF при включенном зажигании и незаведенном двигателе aka KOEO)

maf on Excima MAF Sensor on a 1999 RHD Excima g (NEO Di) Dirty (HMF5) MAF Sensor MAf Sensor on Verossa MAf Sensor on RHD Corolla DirtyToyota MAF Sensor MAf Sensor on RX300 Nissan MAF sensor MAF Sensor Nissan Maxima Nissan MAF Sensors MAFSensor on RHD Gloria HY34 (VQ30DET NEO)

Примеры сбора и анализа контекстных данных смотрите в "Repair RHD Toyota Harrier", "Toyota Raum: Провал при разгоне", "2JZ-FSE D-4 топливные коррекции; черный дым" и в других сообщениях форума по диагностике и авторемонта

MAF Sensor on 1MZ-FE maf on SR20 (Infiniti G20 a '01) HMF5

Let us know PID List of ECM yours Vehicle

Throtle Body and MAF Connector MAF located in Air Filter Cover ((on 2NZ-FE) Hot Wire Maf Sensor New Toyota MAF Sensor: Old Toyota MAF Sensor

Проверка параметров при "большом расходе"

Slowly accelerate the engine in the increments shown and record voltage,grams/sec of MAF and SFT, LFT, Injection Pulse

PIDs for MAF Sensor Stall Test Data Reference (1NZ-FE)









LFT, %











Dirty MAF Sensor (22204-46020)










After Clearing (MAF is good)


RX300 Series I: Cleaning MAF sensor

*Dirty MAF sensor on Crown Athlete 2.5 L 1JZ-GTE VVT-i Engine 350hp (voluntary 280hp limit) and no DTC. SYMPTOM: A slight hesitation when accelerating from a complete stop.

When the MAF gets coated with that big Crud the Check Engine light will ON witch P0171, P0172, etc. (depending on that that more dirty (the Thermistor or the Platinum Hot Wire).

Carefully clean this "device"with carburator cleaner, reset ECM and make sure (after test Drive): car is like new!

Особенности проверки MAF Sensor Toyota и Lexus.

maf (volt)_vs_maf*gr/s)

Материалы на эту же тему в статьях о ремонте и диагностике RX300 (Harrier) , и более подробно о причинах кода неисправности DTC P0171 см. в

Статья о диагностике и ремонте при неисправности DTC P0171 (Article about the Repair DTC P0171)

Презентация лекции О датчиках массы потока воздуха (MAF Sensors)

Напряжение MAF Sensor при резком открывании дроссельной заслонки (WOT) и фото загрязненного чувствительного элемента датчика

 RX300 a '99  MAF Output Voltage Nissan MAF Output Voltage Dirty Nissan MAF Sensor (грязный расходомер Ниссан)

Mazda MAF Sensor Live Data at Acceleration

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** Hot Wire MAF Sensor use RX300, Avalon, Camry with 1MZ-FE 3.0L Engine , etc.