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PC-based Diagnostic Scan Tool AE


Diagnostic vehicles Scanner AE. I've just purchased the Scan Tool (Version 4.3.1.) about a several months ago. 

config.gif (9226 bytes)

5.gif (49297 bytes)

GX470 a 2005

Vin GX470 a 2005

4.gif (61877 bytes)

 Avalon a '00 (1MZ-FE)

Idle Avalon

GenRPM Avalon

ExhAvalon a 2000

Idle on Avalon

Mode6 on Avalon a 2000

Cat on Avalon

Interior of Software (CD) and Hardware

V 4.0 on GX470 (KWP2000 with CAN-protocol) ->

GX470beta.gif (32311 bytes)



IdleB1.gif (24725 bytes)

IdleB2.gif (58628 bytes)

O2.gif (25914 bytes)


PC  scaner on Nissan Armada T60 (VK56DE) a '04 Nissan Armada (T60) a '04 VK56DE Engine

OnBoard Test Results on Infiniti J30  

OnBoard Test Results 

(Mode#6, #7) on Infiniti J30t

VIN code of Nissan Armada

Idle on Nissan Armada

Rpm on Nissan Armada

TestResults on Nissan Armada



Interior of HARDWARE

to be cont.to Description for run "wheel horsepower and torque" analises (WHP and WTQ is SAE corrected). 


fin.gif (31185 bytes)

sysdev.gif (11963 bytes)

The Data Stream on Camry a '02


The Data by V4.2

Solara a'05 is bad: LFT>43 perc.

DTCs on above Solara

It Solara to get better (LFT=10.92 perc.)

Live Data Meter

but I con't reading all (!) PIDs on Toyota Prius a '05 (by V4.3.1 and V4.3.2)... My be Hardware again is bad.

Mr. J.Horak again can't find solution (can't correct his software or hardware errors) for fix this Problems :-(

And I know (i sure): AE has the many Errors in program for "OEM Level Toyota" ! These is travesty for OEM Level by Toyota and "baby prattle' for Diagnostic !

Mr. Jay remember, that "HONESTY is the BEST POLICY!" take a look 


and http://alflash.com.ua/prius05.htm


Note. Писать о багах версий V5.3 и в т.ч. V6.0.2 (PC & Pocket PC),  не имеет смысла да и просто лень ;-)

"Косметика" Firmware version 24 может только "скрыть врожденные недостатки".

p.s. Самое cмешное, что "не пpошло и пoлгодa" и спустя время м-р джoй пyблично пpизнaл, yкaзанныe тогда, лажи ("нeтoчноcти") cвоeго ПO ;-(

У американцев есть поговорка, смысл которой - "чем вышe обезьянa залазит на пальму, тем лучшe видна еe зaдница" ;-)


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