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Nissan Section

"old" DLC Nssan ("Connector for Consult II")


PS based Scan Tool on pre-OBDII Nissan 

Nissan Data Scan v1.4 ((new 04.07.05 with video)

Nissan Scan Tech production  

Reading Codes (модели pre'94)

Read Codes B13 Sentra (91-94)

Read Codes B14 Sentra (95 and newer models)

The List of Nissan Data Stream (PIDs List) (pdf-file)

RB25 DET on Nissan Skyline HNR32 (new)

Timing Chain on Pathfinder (VQ35DE) (long pdf-file)

Диагностика VQ25DD Nissan (бензиновый ТНВД)

Images to DTC P0335 (waveforms CKP vs. CMP Sensors)

The magnetized Pulley and DTC P0340 (намагниченный шкив)

The extended Chain of Nissan X-Trail QG20DE (растянутая цепь)

Подробности обучения холостому ходу БУ двигателем Ниссан (Nissan Idle Air Volume Learning w/o ScanTool)

Crank Angle Sensor Nissan

Throttle Actuator and Hand Pump
  • Read codes A/T RE5R05A

  • Read codes HICAS (90-93 and 94-99)

  • Read codes VDC/TCS/ABS ('03-04)


  • Self-Diagnosis Mode (without Navigation System)


  • TCM Initialization

  • Reset the 2002+ ECU (Maxima)

  • Throttle Valve Closed Position Learning

  • Acceleration Pedal Released Position Learning

  • Accessing DTC without Scan Tools (ECM, BCM, LCU, IVMS, etc.)

  • Accessing DTC ABS (on OBDII Cars) by ABS or SLIP LAmp 

  • Reprogramming ECM on Nissan (J2534)