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Toyota Gasoline Direct Injection D-4 Fuel Pump

The Height Pressure Fuel Pump On ST210

Pump's OEM Part No. (ST210)

Type "A" Pump

Type "B" Pump 

Click for OEM Part No. for Fuel Pressure Sensor on ST210

On SXN10 and SV50

Pump's OEM Part No. (SXN10, Nadia)

Pump of SXN10 (Nadia)

Click for OEM Part No. for Pump on SV50


Checking Spill Valve on Nadia 

Voltage on Spill Valve (between #1 and #2) 

Voltage on Spill Valve (between #2 and GND) 

Close Loop Mode (at Idle)

Open Loop Drive Mode (at Idle)

On ACM10 (1AZ-FSE)

I'm sorry, but will be tomorrow ...

Spill Valve on 3GR-FSE (second Edition D-4)  (pdf-file)


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