Honda Data Link Connectors

Honda / Acura Trouble Codes and location of the diagnostic Connector

90-97 Accord at right bottom edge of dash
98-02 Accord Integral with the OBD-II DLC – short the brown and black wire together 8
6-02 Civic at right bottom edge of dash 97-02 CR-V at right of center console, near dash 93-97 Del Sol at right bottom edge of dash
95-02 Odyssey at bottom edge of dash to the right of the center console
90-91 Prelude-2.1 right rear corner of the engine compartment
92-96 Prelude at front of center console (under dash)
97-02 Prelude at right of center console, near dash

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Connectors Location LHD Honda/Acura a 1992-2001
DTCs by the flashing MIL after shorting the 2-pin service check connector or ECU LED blinking (Acura Honda)
Powertrain DTC P0000-P0999 for EOBD Vehicles
The DLC location of other Manufacturer

Breakout Box for reading MIL-codes without ScanTools (by J1962 connector)

Off. On RHD Honda Accord* a '99 (OBDII compliant) VSA light remains on after Engine is runnig. I read without Scan Tools**
- code 83 by flashing ABS-lampe (Definition for code 83 - "Vehicle Stability Assist inhibition')
- code 33 (a problem with the current sensor), 34 (a problem with the main microcomputer) by flashing EPS-lampe. After replacement - "All is O'k"

*Vehicle have switch " - / EPS / +"

** Honda have correct procedure for read DTC without Scan Tool (on OBDII equiped Vehicles) when short pins in DLC (Data Link Connector, SAE J1962 or ISO/DIS 15031) by the warning indicator's deflection. For read codes by using it connector I short pins with lamp. "Ensure a 1-5 watt bulb is placed in-line of positive lead on this "device"-):

The short-circuit'er with lamp

For example, take a look this Honda TSB ("Erasing ABS DTCs on a '98 Passport") and these images from Service Manual

There is differences in numbering on DLC between SAE Standarts and some (separate) Service Manuals. For example, Honda use these descriptions on wiring diagram (pin #8 is "+12V" from fuse and "hot all time") and these numbering (I don't know it's numbering if see on connector behind or to face):

Wirinf Diagram DLC (Honda)

Note. SAE Rules (According to SAE J1962 "Diagnostic Connector - Equivalent to ISO/DIS 15031-3, April 2002) it's numbering pin#16 = Power Supply

MIL-codes reader

Quotes. "...Codes can also be accessed by using MIL (without Scan Tools). Turn ignition switch to OFF position. On Accord, connect SCS Service Connector DLC (07WAZ-002010A) to 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC) located under instrument panel, near driver-side kick panel..."

On all models except Accord, connect SCS Service Connector (07PAZ-0010100) to 2-pin service check connector. On Civic, service check connector is located under passenger-side of instrument panel. See Fig. 1. On CR-V, Oasis and Odyssey, service check connector is located under passenger-side of instrument panel behind center console. On Prelude, service check connector is located behind access cover on right side of center console... This self-made my "device" I use for read MIL-codes on Honda and for read codes from 5-pins Service connector by using OBD-II (Generic) Scan Tool. 1 - for 2-pins Service Check Connector 2 - for 3-pins Service Check Connector 3 - for 5-pins Service Check Connector 4 - self-made "SST" for Juncture of pins on Service Check Connector and/or MES connector pins.

Last modif. 2021

SCS connector