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  GDI Engine Mitsubishi

The "twins" MMC GALANT VR-G with GDI 4G-93 Engine

GDI 4G-93 - "a" (72902 bytes)

HPFP without SFP

HPFP without SFP (58835 bytes)

GDI 4G-93 - "b"  (65476 bytes)  HPFP with SFP  (54219 bytes)


Locating 1 APPS (1ST & 2ND) 

Injector Driver

bad throttle and bad torque motor (throttle control motor)

Other photo for electronic throttle control in page IdleMMC 


HPFP with SHP  (42734 bytes)

HPFP with SHP, Throttle Body  (55535 bytes)

Locating 2 APPS (1ST & 2ND)


SWIRL Spray GDI Injector, SMD 23 (?) mkm

SWIRL Spray GDI Injector, SMD 23 (?) mkm

GDI injector

207.jpg (69804 bytes)

208.jpg (83098 bytes)

209.jpg (105866 bytes)

210.jpg (80655 bytes)

211.jpg (114390 bytes)

Дополнение: Некоторые авто MMC имеют проблемы непосредственно не связанные с этим типом инжекторной системы. 

Например, Thomas Essemann сообщил о проблемах ММС с датчиком положения дроссельной заслонки:

"...I also know that almost every Space Runner in Europe has had the TPS-trouble code problem. This is because the there is two channels in the TPS, cross-referencing with each other. Metal / carbon material from the sensor is deteriorating and causing signal-trouble, spreading in the TPS-housing. Because of this, it is recommended that you do a two-step-repair.

1) Change the TPS (old part nr. MD 628 071) with new (part nr. MD 628 204). Erase all codes and run vehicle for some days. 

2) If this didn`t help, change throttle housing (old part nr. MD 355 334) with new (part nr. MD 514 334). This should take care of the problem. At the same time, you would get rid of code..., since these codes come from the same failure. From production Sept. -'99 Mitsubishi have made some changes in the trouble code sensing software, to prevent TPS from this very sensitive behavior, but you should not need to have this new software since the new TPS is of a better design than the old one. As for the acc. pos. sensor, you might have to do a proper adjustment. Procedure is from a Mitsubishi Carisma GDI, but I assume that they use the same procedure..."

Кроме этого, достаточно большое количество первоисточников указывают на повышенную чувствительность насоса высокого давления и других устройств (Cat. Converter, NOxS, etc.) к повышенному содержанию серы в топливе. Согласно действующим в Европе нормам, её содержание ограничено 100 ppm. В США и Японии еще более жесткие требования. В наших странах - не знает никто.


Небольшое описание системы непосредственной подачи бензина в цилиндры.

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