Hiace with DTC 78(7) - Fuel Line Malfunction

Note. The Pressure Discharge (Relief) Valve restrains the Overshoot which exceeds the target Pressure temporarily during the application of the Pressure. In addition, it improves the Valve Response during the Reduction of the Pressure.

When the Fuel Pressure In the Common-Rail becomes higher than the the Target Injection pressure. the ECU discharge the Fuel by Way of the about Valve in order to Control the Fuel Pressure to target injection Pressure.

Freeze Frame
Freeze Frame
Data List of Parametrs (PIDs) at Idle
Fuel Pressure at Deceleration
Fuel Pressure at Deceleration
Fuel Pressure Limiter Contol

Note. Resistance: 2.6-2.8 Ohm at 20' C (68' F)

Reference: Article about Repair of other such Hiace (2KD-FTV)


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